How important it is to have a good motorcycle helmet!


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How important it is to have a good motorcycle helmet!

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How important it is to have a good motorcycle helmet!

Fall caused by the special structure of the motorcycle, motorcycle crash happens, the most serious head injury, because in the position of the highest and most prominent head, head is often the first to hit the ground hit vehicles and other objects, and the head in a car accident occurs, often cannot bear the traffic accident caused by the huge power. Studies have shown that helmet use can greatly reduce death rates and minimize injuries from car crashes.
The accident occurred at 70mph, about 112 kilometers per hour, and the helmet slid on the ground. If the bad helmet had been used, it would have been the same as not wearing it. Imagine the consequences of having your head rubbed flat on the ground. How serious!
The importance of helmet. In the case of motorcycle drivers and riders without helmets, the head has the highest probability of injury in all parts of the body, accounting for about 64.8%. The head injuries are mainly skull base fracture and brain contusion. Almost all of the dead and injured had suffered head injuries, which were fatal. According to relevant research results, the head injury rate without helmet is 2.5 times that of helmet, and the fatal injury rate without helmet is 1.5 times that of helmet. This fully shows that the helmet has a very obvious protective effect. So a good helmet is a lifesaver for the cyclist.
The helmet's survival depends on its high safety performance, which is why it is tested in a series of extreme conditions during the development and production process. Every high quality helmet has to withstand the rigors of wind tunnels, temperature and humidity.
How to choose the right helmet? First of all, when shopping for a helmet, you should think about what kind of helmet suits you? The helmets are divided into Full Face, Jet Face, Semi Jet Face, Half Face helmet and cross-country helmet.
But most of the more common terms are full helmet, 3/4 and half helmet, and off-road helmet. Full helmet, as the 

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