How to select Bluetooth headset

How to select Bluetooth headset

2021-11-16 18:11

How to select Bluetooth headset


Have you encountered such a problem?
Usually when riding, a sudden call will make people caught off guard, answering, and unsafe. Don't answer? It's unfortunate to miss an important call, and the constant calls are also distracting, which is really daunting.


Now most of the motorcycle friends choose to travel in teams, even if there are only two cars in the company, then the very important point is the communication between the teammates. When asked some motorcycle friends, they gave a shocking answer: communication on motorcycles. Rely on roar! My God, it's the 5G high-tech era, and it's astounding to use unsafe methods to communicate. In fact, a cost-effective headset Bluetooth headset can solve all problems. Excellent, fast, and smooth signal reception can make the entire team more organized, and can also ensure the riding safety of each team member!

As a motorcycle travel enthusiast, I will give you a popular science today. When buying a Bluetooth headset, there are 4 core functions, one can't be less!


1. Bluetooth version
The most taboo of a motorcycle helmet Bluetooth headset is to disconnect halfway through listening to music. It’s okay to listen to music. When the teammates are disconnected when talking, it is not to be underestimated in terms of safety, especially in deep mountains and old forests or no man’s land. When the chain is dropped at a critical moment, it is breaking the lifeline between teammates.

If you want to choose Bluetooth 4.1 or above, you must go through adjustment tests and deep transmission optimization to ensure a smooth connection.
Second, the sound quality
The treble is bright, the midrange is clear, and the bass is pure and thick. It is the standard to test the "good" and "bad" of a helmet Bluetooth headset. Without sound quality, everything is empty talk. The ability to ride is in an environment where the engine is roaring and the environment is noisy. If there is no high-definition sound quality, the riding pleasure will be greatly reduced.


3. Waterproof rating
In fact, the general helmet bluetooth headset has waterproof function, and it is divided into grades. Of course, the higher the grade, the stronger the waterproof ability. Choose the waterproof grade not lower than IP67 as much as possible.


Fourth, endurance
Battery life can be said to be the second life of the helmet Bluetooth headset. Some motorcycle friends who ride long distances may be riding all day, so the battery life of the helmet Bluetooth headset is particularly important. At least you must choose to have a smooth call or A Bluetooth headset with a continuous battery life of more than 15H for listening to music.

Motorcycle helmet bluetooth headset can not only bring the enjoyment of music and increase the fun of the road, but also avoid noisy noise, so that we can enjoy the excellent sound quality happily, and go for a happy ride!

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