The structure and function of motorcycle helmets The importance of motorcycle helmets

The structure and function of motorcycle helmets The importance of motorcycle helmets

2021-11-18 17:16

The structure and function of motorcycle helmets The importance of motorcycle helmets


一、The structure and function of the motorcycle helmet The mobile helmet looks very simple, like a beautiful shell with some foam stuck in it, but in fact it is not. The mobile helmet is the product with the highest technical content. It is a complicated, fifth part. The technology consists of five parts: shell, buffer layer, lining, mask and fixing system


1. Shell: The shell is the first line of defense of the helmet. It absorbs and disperses impact energy. The shell usually inhibits the impact. When the opponent falls from the seat when you park, it will not damage your protection, and it will not damage your protection. Will affect its performance. The outer shell is made of ABS resin material, PC+ABS alloy material, glass fiber reinforced plastic, carbon fiber, etc. The outer shell made of carbon fiber has the highest technical content.


2.Buffer layer: The function of the buffer layer is to slow down movement through deformation and absorption. The jungle brings fatal damage, and the buffer layer slows down the movement and avoids stopping. The buffer layer is usually made of EPS (attractive polystyrene) material, and it is better to use several different contacts.


3.Inner lining: The inner lining is close to the body. The main job is to make the helmet cover the head to prevent the head from shaking or rotating. It can also make the sound, pain, sweat and skin oil inside the helmet almost spaced from the buffer layer. Suitable motorcycle helmets usually have a comfortable lining that is removable and washable.


4.Mask: The role of the mask is to allow the owner to see the road clearly, and also to prevent things from bouncing off the road and hurting the face. A good mask is made of polycarbonate and has been tested for penetration resistance.


5. Fixing system: The fixing system is a device that fixes the motorcycle helmet on the head, and prevents the helmet from tilting forward and slipping off the head. Many riders don't like to fasten the fixtures so that the motorcycle helmet will come off the head in the event of an accident, which is no different from not wearing a helmet.


. The importance of motorcycle helmets. Motorcycle helmets are very important. They are essential equipment for motorcyclists. Not to mention anything else. According to my country's road traffic management regulations and related laws and regulations, motorcycles are motor vehicles and do not wear motorcycles. Motorcycle helmets are not allowed on the road, and the traffic police will not check you for a fine if you wear a motorcycle helmet. Of course, we dont wear safety helmets to prevent fines. The functions of motorcycle helmets are as follows:

1. Buffer protection The most important function of motorcycle helmets is to play a buffering role in the event of an accident, thereby protecting the head. The smooth hemisphere of the helmet can disperse and absorb the impact force, while the deformation or cracks of the helmet and the pads serve as a buffer and can also absorb part of the energy.


2. Wind-proof and noise-proof motorcycles drive faster, but they dont have a sealed space like a car. The wind is still unbearable, and the noise brought by the wind will also affect the riders ability to judge, so the helmet is wind-proof and noise-proof Still very important.


3. Reminder of meeting cars Motorcycle helmets are usually made into more bright and eye-catching colors, so that they can attract the attention of the other driver when meeting or overtaking, and they are better-looking, and they look high and professional when worn.

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